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I reached a milestone at about midnight-thirty morning and finished the rough draft of another Bloody Murder novel. This means I have the next few books plotted and can now focus on editing.

A challenge when you’re an indie writer is finding someone trustworthy and affordable to edit your work. I’ve seen prices for up to a nickel a word. Bloody Murder is somewhere in the 80K range. The first draft I finished last night was just short of 60K. That’s a lot of nickels. Hell, it’s more nickels than I won at the slot machine jackpot in Wendover, NV a million years ago. This is back when the machines still took coins and spilled them out when you won. We were about ten minutes away from taking the casino bus back to Salt Lake City and I had three nickels left, so why not? Let me tell you, $80 in nickels is heavy.

I’m excited at the prospect of publishing another ebook. I’m targeting August, which will be about a year from Bloody Murder’s publication. I’ll release the title and some snippets in the spring.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to enter to win your free copy! Just leave me a comment here and you’ll be entered to win one of ten free copies.


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How it all started

I have only vague memories of my mother teaching me to read. To her credit, I don’t know that she had any reference books telling her how to do so. I certainly don’t remember seeing textbooks of any kind around the house. I was probably three or four. I remember feeling so proud that I could carry a book under my arm on my way up the stairs to bed so I could read before I went to sleep. It was probably Dr. Seuss, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

For the first thirteen years of my life, we were living in Wilmington, Mass. I utterly adored the library and we probably went every two weeks. It wasn’t long before I was picking out my own. My heroine when I was first of library age was Pocohontas. I don’t remember who introduced to me Esther Averill, but the Jenny Linsky books were an early favorite. Enid Blyton was probably my first mystery author. I went through the Secret Seven and the Famous Five at a rate of one or two a week. There was Nancy Drew, of course, then the Hardy Boys, and once I went through those, I got to read the Young Adult fiction, even though I was about nine. I was not allowed in the rest of the “adult” library just yet.

My third grade teacher at Shawsheen School was Mrs. Jane Merrill. If you’re out there, Mrs. Merrill, I have to thank you for some perennial favorites. Roald Dahl, Narnia, and Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth all have very special places in my heart. I have been known to buy the last for my adult friends because I think everyone should read it.

Even when we moved to Andover, the next town over, we continued to be patrons of the Wilmington library. It might have been my nana or my mother or one of the librarians or I might have picked her up on my own, but when I found Agatha Christie’s Nemesis, I was hooked on Miss Jane Marple. Hercule Poirot was a natural segue, but my favorites were Tommy and Tuppence. I always wanted more of those.

I wish I could remember the librarian’s name. One evening we were headed out and we were stopped by the librarian. She handed me a grocery bag full of slightly beat-up Agatha Christie novels. They had been considered too damaged to keep on the shelves, and she thought I’d like them.

Of such kindnesses addicts are made. Thank you, ladies.


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Share the mystery! Get a Free E-Book!

I’m pleased to announce my very first giveaway. During each of the first ten days in February I will be giving away a copy of Bloody Murder to a randomly selected person.

How to enter:

Leave a comment below.

That’s it. Yes, really, that’s it. Okay, I’ll make it a little more interesting. Leave a comment between now and February 5th telling me your favorite mystery book and which format you need  your ebook in–MOBI, EPUB or PDF.

For each of the first ten days in February, I will randomly select one winner. The winners will be posted daily here at bloodymurderbooks. If I select your name (probably by a roll of a many-sided die),  I’ll put a congratulatory post up, asking you to email me, so I can send you your book.

Thank you for entering!

One winner per household please. Void where prohibited and all other relevant legal mumbo-jumbo.  Please note the novel is only available in the formats listed above.


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Hello world!

Welcome to Bloody Murder books. I am your host, author and currently the publisher of the first in the series, Bloody Murder. It’s available for KindleNook and Kobo. I’ll be posting about my adventures in writing, rewriting and marketing.

I’ll probably also share what I’m reading, which can range from Jane Austen to Roger Zelazny. My favorite genres are mystery and scifi/fantasy, but I’ll give almost anything a shot. Some of my favorite authors are Tanya Huff, James Lee Burke, Neil Gaiman, Tim Hallinan, Guy Gavriel Kay and Agatha Christie.

I hope you’ll come back and see me often. I will be dropping hints about future books and possibly doing some giveaways as well.

If you are a reviewer, please email with some links to your reviews and your preferred format.


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