I reached a milestone at about midnight-thirty morning and finished the rough draft of another Bloody Murder novel. This means I have the next few books plotted and can now focus on editing.

A challenge when you’re an indie writer is finding someone trustworthy and affordable to edit your work. I’ve seen prices for up to a nickel a word. Bloody Murder is somewhere in the 80K range. The first draft I finished last night was just short of 60K. That’s a lot of nickels. Hell, it’s more nickels than I won at the slot machine jackpot in Wendover, NV a million years ago. This is back when the machines still took coins and spilled them out when you won. We were about ten minutes away from taking the casino bus back to Salt Lake City and I had three nickels left, so why not? Let me tell you, $80 in nickels is heavy.

I’m excited at the prospect of publishing another ebook. I’m targeting August, which will be about a year from Bloody Murder’s publication. I’ll release the title and some snippets in the spring.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to enter to win your free copy! Just leave me a comment here and you’ll be entered to win one of ten free copies.


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