Why I won’t pay for reviews

If you’ve checked in with the Bloody Murder Books blog once or twice, you’ll have noticed an increase in the links to indie author sites and to some independent reviewers. The indie community is really something else, and I’m learning more about it each day.

Today, I was looking for review sites and advertising rates on an e-book newsletter that shall remain nameless. I found a link there to Book Rooster, where they will distribute review copies of my book to a select group of people who are readers first, then reviewers.  They are not a “pay for review” site, but they do charge $67 for their distribution fee.

Why should an indie author, actually, why should any author pay for a review? Traditionally, reviewers have been paid by the publications their reviews have appeared in. The industry is changing and I’m excited to be part of this change. There are great sites like the Indie Exchange, which work to bring readers and writers together. There are a multitude of independent reviewers out there, who are making quite a change in the book industry. Take a look at this article, which details a little more.

Thank you for reading, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter to win yourself a copy of Bloody Murder. Just click here  to enter



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2 responses to “Why I won’t pay for reviews

  1. vaguelypiratical

    More than that, none of the sites that offer paid review service are reader by readers. They don’t do you a damn bit of good, and everyone knows you paid for it. It is way more damaging to your reputation than no reviews.

  2. If you pay someone for a review you’re looking at getting a biased review that will only deminish your credit and the credit of the reviewer.
    I say this even though I’ve joined an affiliate program, which is similar to getting paid for reviews but not quite the same.

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