Risk Assessment in Novel Writing

Like a lot of writers, I have a day job. I work for a software company that makes a learning management system for hospitals. I help our customers implement the software and get ready to deploy it. These implementations are what led me to pursue a certificate in Project Management, and I’m partway through my fourth course of six.

Risk Management is, simply put, hedging Murphy. You try to predict what will go wrong, figure out how much of a disaster it’s going to be, what you’ll do to prevent it and what you’ll do if it happens.

So, instead of doing my homework, I’m thinking about how I might be able to apply some of these principles to writing. I’m having a hard time, because I tend to use a pretty free-form approach to writing. If I know I have a few hours uninterrupted, I get comfortable–sometimes on a couch, sometimes at Cafe Oo La La which is a few blocks away. Then I write until I can’t.Β 

This approach contains a lot of risks. Distractions, for one thing. I use the internet for research, and I don’t have to tell anyone reading this how easy it is to go from a news article to another news article and suddenly, you’ve spent an hour goofing about on YouTube watching kittens. If I work on my couch, there’s the TV. If he’s home, my boyfriend is quite distracting, in many happy fun ways that don’t get writing done.

Basic activities of daily life also need to be attended to. I plan meals out about four days in advance and have gotten myself and my sweetie on a schedule where we eat out of the freezer on the nights my homework is due. This means I have a resource risk: Time. I have to figure out how to work 8 hours M-F, manage meals for two, do my homework, research and write new novels, marketing, and still see my friends once in a while. Oh right, sleep, too.

I don’t think I’m going anywhere with this, but it was fun to think about for a while. Thank you for reading!



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