Where I’ve been, Where I’m going, What I’m reading

In the immortal words of Zonker Harris, Heeeeeeeeeewack! She’s back!

A lot has been going on, much of it very exciting. I found an experienced and inexpensive editor through a colleague at my day job. We’re hitting a bit of a snag, however. She prefers to work from paper copy. I have no issues with this, it will actually be easier for me to make corrections. So, I figured I’d just send the large print job to Kinko’s FedExOffice and ship it from there.  Um, not for $160 I won’t. That’s a couple weeks worth of groceries if I buy the expensive cuts of meat (My food blog, Knives, Fire and Fun is also suffering from benign neglect, but I digress). So, the printer needs setting up.

My sweetie, who I’ll call Nexx to protect his privacy somewhat, is the one who sets up the network hardware. We moved last weekend, and while our Macbooks are on the internet, as is the Windows box I use for my day job, the server and the networking and the printer aren’t set up yet. I haven’t done any networking in over a decade, I’m embarrassed to say. I’m sure I could figure it out, but the cursing might disturb the new neighbors.

In reading lately, I’m currently adding to my Phryne Fisher collection. I was turned on to this series a long time ago by an Australian friend before they were available in the US, and wasn’t able to get very many of them (shipping from Down Under is quite expensive). The Hon. Phryne Fisher is a fascinating woman. Born dirt poor in Australia, her father inherited a title when multiple heirs perished in World War 1. Phryne ran off to Paris, spent some time as an ambulance driver and later as an artist’s model before returning to Victoria where she wreaks havoc not just by solving mysteries, but by doing such unladylike things as wearing pants and flying an aeroplane. The series is by Kerry Greenwood, and they are a delightful read with a fascinating supporting cast ranging from a Chinese lover to a couple of communist taxi drivers.

I’ve also fallen hard for Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century books, having just finished the second one. Her America is quite unlike our own. The Civil War (or if you prefer, “that unpleasantness with the North”) has been raging for years. In the Washington territory, part of Seattle is sealed off because of a toxic gas, though if you refine the gas, you can contribute to the drug trade. Technology is steampunk–dirigibles, clockwork machinery. Where I really admire Priest’s style is she’s not afraid to have a female protagonist over the age of thirty (Zofia is 32 is Bloody Murder). Both books feature a pair of perspectives that join together by the end of the story. Wonderful stuff that stretches the imagination and touches the heart as well.


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