A brief moment of self-indulgence

If you’ve been around the web for the last ten years, you’ve come across some of the memes that tell you what color you are, which superhero you are and just where you might fit inside some of the hopefully iconic pieces of popular culture.  You have to, of course, take these with a grain of salt,  some lime juice and if you’re a drinking sort, a shot of very good tequila.

Last week, I found Who Do You Write Like? I could not just ignore this one. I plugged in a few paragraphs from the beginning of Bloody Murder and got the below results.

<!– Begin I Write Like Badge –>
<div style=”overflow:auto;border:2px solid #ddd;font:20px/1.2 Arial,sans-serif;width:380px;padding:5px; background:#F7F7F7; color:#555″><img src=”http://s.iwl.me/w.png&#8221; style=”float:right” width=”120″><div style=”padding:20px; border-bottom:1px solid #eee; text-shadow:#fff 0 1px”> I write like<br><a href=”http://iwl.me/w/8ccf5154&#8243; style=”font-size:30px;color:#698B22;text-decoration:none”>Kurt Vonnegut</a></div><p style=”font-size:11px; text-align:center; color:#888″><em>I Write Like</em> by Mémoires, <a href=”http://www.codingrobots.com/memoires/&#8221; style=”color:#888″>journal software</a>. <a href=”http://iwl.me&#8221; style=”color:#333; background:#FFFFE0″><b>Analyze your writing!</b></a></p></div>
<!– End I Write Like Badge –>

I am not worthy of such an honor, but it’s fun to think about. My characters do not come unstuck in time, there are no visits from friendly Tralfamadorians, Kilgore Trout is not an author sold in Zofia’s bookstore.

I’ve loved most Vonnegut I’ve read. My favorite is probably The Sirens of Titan, tied with the short story of Harrison Bergeron.  Both are dystopic and highly thought-provoking and are told in not a heavily threatening style like 1984 or Brave New World. Instead, there is a lightness, a flippancy almost, the narrator seems delighted in the world that is being presented.

I can only hope to be so thought-provoking. Flippant, on the other, I think Zofia and I have down pat.


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