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I forget where I first heard it, but every once in a while, a monolith of an industry says something like, “We fear change; change is bad.”  With e-readers becoming more and more common and considerably more affordable, the Big Bad Paper Book Industry is facing some interesting choices–adapt and continue profiting or start slowly losing money as your readers go elsewhere.

I do a fair amount of reading about indie publishing, I also try to keep tabs on the big movers and shakers. In this article from Insatiable Booksluts, I find a lot worth pondering.

Are traditional publishers going to go away? Probably not. I hope that we will eventually see the end of e-books being priced higher than mass-market paperbacks (which is seriously hampering my continued collection of Jasper Fforde). Would I jump at an offer from one? Probably. It’s hard work doing all my own marketing, finding cover art and finding time to write and revise and confer with my editor. To have, as greekgeekgirl put it, editors, cover artists, marketing et cetera all under one roof is tantalizing. Everyone working for a common goal–to make that book sell.

On the other hand, as an indie author, I maintain control over my backlist. When the fifth Bloody Murder (and yes, I have the next four outlined) is published, I will be able to offer the first in the series at any price I  want. I also get to choose my royalties. That’s a big deal to me. I like that control, even though it’s hard work. Labor of love, certainly, but don’t mistake that its labor.

I suspect I will have more to say on the subject. I’m also interested in your thoughts. First comment gets a free copy of Bloody Murder


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