What I’m Reading and What I’m waiting for

May and June have been great months for books so far. I treated myself to another one of Kerry Greenwood’s  Phyrne Fisher novels, this one called Queen of the Flowers. Phyrne and her family are up to their necks in mystery and not a little drama. One of  her adopted daughters goes looking for her biological father, Phyrne is Queen of the Flowers in an annual parade and one of her handmaids disappears. An old love appears, a scandal brews and I can’t wait to see how this one ties together.

May has been a favorite month for a while because May is when John Sandford’s newest Prey book starring Lucas Davenport gets released.  Stolen Prey is a wonderfully  complex mystery, not just a whodunit, but howdunit, and there are conspiracies several levels deep. I love Sandford’s series–the Kidd books and the Virgil Flowers book are wonderful as well.

If you’ll pardon a couple of fangirl moments, I am having a ton of fun with Sabrina Chase’s The Long Way Home, which begins a trilogy with a promise of action, adventure, excitement, really wild things and a big dose of “how did I get eighty years in the future?”

For my other fangirl moment, I am eagerly awaiting Libriomancer,the first in a new series by Jim C. Hines. A magic system based on books, with a secret society going back to Gutenbery. I can’t wait. Hines has great style, his tongue firmly in his cheek and his characters manage to be appropriately wise without being preachy.

Speaking of book magic, at the recommendations of a couple of different people, I started on Jasper Fforde’s Thusday Next series. These are a whirlwind of literary action and espionage. My only complaint here is the Kindle versions are more expensive than the paperbacks.

Back on the mystery front, I recently picked up another Tess Monaghan book by Laura Lippman. Lippman adores Baltimore with the same passion I love New Orleans, and I just love the character of Tess. I’m several books into the series and Tess has managed to grow and change in a realistic fashion while sharpening her skills as an investigator. I’m up to In a Strange City. If you’d like to get started, Baltimore Blues is the first in the series.

A couple of indie authors have caught my eye. I”ll let you know if I consider them a good find in a future entry. Thank you for reading!


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  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Long Way Home!

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