spending time in my head, and other people’s

I seem to be spending more time in fantasy worlds than in the one that pays the bills. I’m getting ready to publish Post Parcel. I’m also developing a D&D campaign, which is both fun and nerve-wracking. So many things to know when you design a world from scratch. System of government, church hierarchy, monsters, magic items. I’ve got a group of advanced players, so I’ll be working hard to try and kill them,  make the encounters interesting and meaningful.

For reading, I just finished Sabrina Chase’s The Long Way Home. Chase is a great author with a fantastic sense of character and this first in an SF trilogy shows great promise.

There aren’t many people in any kind of media who can turn me into a squeeing fangirl, but Jim C. Hines is one of them. His books are always well-thought out, with fascinating characters. He also likes to turn stereotypes on their ass. Scroll back through his blog and you’ll see him posing in some of the more ridiculous stick-out-your-hip-darling poses you see of women on the covers of urban fantasy books. His latest is Libriomancer. Magic by pulling what you need out of whatever book you happen to have on you.

On the mystery front, I read my annual John Sandford Prey book. I also turned in some of my paper Lucas Davenport books for electronic copies, so of course I had to reread them all. You understand, right? I also picked up The Surgeon and The Apprentice, the first two books to feature Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. The TV show is entertaining, but the books have a little more depth and the characters don’t have to be over-the-top pretty to be compelling.

That leads me to think of Zofia. In some ways, I’m not sure what she looks like. She’s tall, with shoulder-length blonde-streaked hair, somewhat flat chested, in good shape and has long legs. The closest I can get is a movie star you’ll see mentioned in Post Parcel, but Michael just might be a little biased.  As you learn more about the trouble Zo and Marie used to get into, you’ll see it was typically Marie who roped in the guys. Where she falls often, Zo falls harder.

Thank you for reading!


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