Laser, then shotgun

A friend pinged me last night and asked why Post Parcel wasn’t available in an epub format yet and the answer is the title of today’s post.

For those not familiar with the indie publishing world (and I’ve only scratched the surface), Amazon makes it really easy. They also have a program called Kindle Select. Post Parcel is exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. By taking part in this program, the book is available for Prime members to borrow, and I get a little marketing out of it. I thought it was worth a try since I’ve sold more books and received more reviews at Amazon than any other retailer. So, there’s the laser approach.

I do plan to have it in B&N and GooglePlay and in the Kobo store in time for the glut of holidays that come in December if you want to give someone a virtual stocking stuffer.

I will likely attempt the Smashwords meat grinder in order to get the books out to as many markets as I possibly can, ergo shotgun. I’m looking forward to the experiment. Their formatting instructions seem to be a bit involved, but I’m confident I have the right tools.

Thank you for reading!


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