We now join your next novel already in progress

Because I can’t toot my own horn enough:

If you haven’t joined the madness that is Bloody Murder, the first book in the series is marked down to $1.99 for the month of September. That means you can get two great reads for under $5. Take that, Penguin! (I’m still smarting over the price of Jasper Fforde ebooks).

This has, in just one short week,  given me a boost in sales and hopefully more readers hooked into the series.  The feedback I have so far has been positive and that’s enough to get me going on the next one. A review or two wouldn’t hurt, but I’m addressing that in the background (though if you’re a reviewer and would like an ARC, email me your details (bloodymurderbooks@gmail.com)

#3 has been in progress for a while, and I’m really enjoying it. We’re going to see a little bit more of Allison, Jerry’s wife and Zo is in for some trouble as she starts to question her own senses. That’s all the teasing I’m going to give you for right now. I’m targeting next summer for its release.  It’s not ready for the editor yet. Should things come together sooner, you’ll hear it here.

This is my last free weekend for a while.  I’m about to start my last Project Management class, which is exciting. It’s also a little daunting because the certification exam, like a deadline, looms like a vulture. Or a beagle pretending to be a vulture.

with thanks to Charles M. Schultz

I love living in today’s world where studying can be done with  a smartphone app. If I’m waiting in line at the checkout, I can run through some questions. I’ve never been good at studying on my own, but I think the discipline I’ve developed in writing will help me a little bit.


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