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ebook ADD

I’ve had my Kindle (the discontinued DX version) for a little over two years now. I love it, especially for travelling. No longer do I need to make room for 3-4 library books and the two additional paperbacks I’ll buy when on a trip.

Most of the flying I do these days is for my day job. I visit the home office in my former state of Tennessee about four times a year and occasionally travel to meet customers.  Between waiting for the boarding call, nibbling on bad food, and time spent on the plane, I go through about one book going and one book coming home.

Time spent in the office is usually pretty intense–meetings, training people to meet and to get reacquainted with and taking care of customers who don’t care that I have meetings, training, and people to meet and get reacquainted with. While I work with some great people, I am not used to seeing other humans during the day and I find it pretty exhausting. My last few trips I have not had the energy to socialize after hours, so I would find a table in the hotel restaurant and read while I ate, then do some more back in the room.

At home, most reading is done before bed, or in that lull between finishing work and dinner arriving (there is too much good pizza in Stamford. I need to dig out that Pilates book again). Sometimes it’s on a Sunday when Nexx (the sweetie who will remain somewhat anonymous) is watching football.

Sometimes, I focus on one book at a time, especially if it’s a title I’ve been waiting a while for. Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance (Lois McMaster Bujold) is one of these, as was Jim Butcher’s Cold Days.

Most of the time, though, I rejoice in the variety that’s at my fingertips. In the last two days, I’ve read chapters of George Takei’s Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet, which is truly delightful. It’s like sitting down and having tea with the man. I’m also working on Brent Weeks’ The Blinding Knife (a holiday gift from Opal at the akamai reader, and some of the best world-building in recent memory), Cherie Priest’s Dreadnought, Sabrina Chase’s Sequoyah series, and have restarted Kerry Greenwood’s Corrina Chapman series.  Waiting in the wings, I have books by Elizabeth Moon, Katherine Asaro, and Leslie Cookman.

This entry came about because, for my own amusement, I checked my Goodreads profile stats and noted I had only about 40 books or so completed for the year. Even with a full-time job, part-time school, writing, a social life and other forms of entertainment, I thought I was going through 1-2 books a week. In sheer volume of words, I probably am.

The question I’m pondering now, is am I doing myself a disservice? When it comes to books, is it better to go buffet-style or order a really good entree?



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