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Now that I have your attention, hello!

I just put a review up on Goodreads about an urban fantasy book, and then, like I often do, started poking around for ideas of new things to read. Cherie Priest has another series (I’m currently on #4 of the Clockwork Century series, fun stuff). This second series involves a vampire cat burglar. I may pick it up, I’m not sure.

My reading is split between sf/fantasy, mystery/thriller with a generous sprinkling of spy vs. spy (or spy vs. his or her own government, a popular theme). Most recently, I read a book that was labeled Urban Fantasy (modern times, magic exists as do supernatural creatures. The most popular of these are, of course, vampires and werewolves.  It had a little too much sex for my taste. When reading a review about the aforementioned Cherie Priest book, one reviewer said it was bad because it didn’t have any hawt, smutty, sex.

The characters in the Bloody Murder books have sex, but I like to think it enhances relationships and isn’t completely gratuitous. To me, it’s a natural part of human existence and the circumstances can vary as much as the participants. As long as everyone’s consenting.  I don’t write romance, but romance is often an important part of someone’s life. Witness James or Marie, who regularly commit serial relationships. Zo hasn’t had as much practice, but considering how important Michael has become to her, it’s now a big part of her life.

Will there be more? Probably? Though one of the reviews I read of Post Parcel reads, in part,

Kate’s sex scene writing is really first rate — no heaving bosoms and sweaty descriptions — more is conveyed by letting the reader fill things in.

Tamara, thank you. I really appreciate the compliment. When I’m writing sex, I’m going for stimulating the senses much more than the organs. Erotica vs. porn, if you will.

Though isn’t the biggest sex organ in the body the brain?


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Holy cats, has it been that long?

It has, it has. Nobody to blame but myself. Surgical recovery period is well past, my project management classes are done (the certificate is in the mail), and while I’ve been studying for the PMP, that isn’t as all-consuming as it probably ought to be.

I have been revising, thanks to the editorial assistance of one Kimberly Aden, BloodyMurder #3.

It will be called Snow Job and it takes place in January of 2004, almost a year after Post Parcel. I haven’t written the blurb yet, but I will say that this story has Zofia doubting her own powers of observation. It will also reveal some things about Michael that she didn’t expect. 

Post Parcel is in the process of being reformatted for SmashWords. I apologize sincerely for this delay, I was hoping to have it ready by Christmas. The thing is, when a kind soul brought some of the formatting errors in the .mobi format to my attention, I realized I needed another set of eyes. One of the biggest problems of reviewing my own work is I know what it’s supposed to say. Because of that, I might see what it’s supposed to say.

I guess I’m doubting my own powers of observation. How’s that for a juxtaposition?

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