Holy cats, has it been that long?

It has, it has. Nobody to blame but myself. Surgical recovery period is well past, my project management classes are done (the certificate is in the mail), and while I’ve been studying for the PMP, that isn’t as all-consuming as it probably ought to be.

I have been revising, thanks to the editorial assistance of one Kimberly Aden, BloodyMurder #3.

It will be called Snow Job and it takes place in January of 2004, almost a year after Post Parcel. I haven’t written the blurb yet, but I will say that this story has Zofia doubting her own powers of observation. It will also reveal some things about Michael that she didn’t expect. 

Post Parcel is in the process of being reformatted for SmashWords. I apologize sincerely for this delay, I was hoping to have it ready by Christmas. The thing is, when a kind soul brought some of the formatting errors in the .mobi format to my attention, I realized I needed another set of eyes. One of the biggest problems of reviewing my own work is I know what it’s supposed to say. Because of that, I might see what it’s supposed to say.

I guess I’m doubting my own powers of observation. How’s that for a juxtaposition?


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