Not a morning person doesn’t begin to describe it

Recently, as in last Monday, I was offered a project management job in Long Island City. I start this coming Monday and I’m really excited.

Buddhism encourages the middle way. I did not do this in selecting this job. Instead I am going from one extreme (working at home in solitude) to commuting by train for at least an hour and a half and working in cubicles.

I’m used to getting up around 8:30/8:45 for a 9:00 a.m. start. Now, it’s probably going to be about six. Today is the second day I’ve made it out of bed early, sleptwalk through getting my coffee and vitamins and curled up on the couch.

It occurred to me today that I could try and make muffins. Then I laughed, quietly because my boyfriend’s alarm hadn’t gone off yet.

Zofia is not a morning person, but she functions as one, and is fine as long as she has her coffee. Me? Not hardly. I’ve met morning people. My friend Cheron comes to mind. She once came to visit me, got up early and cleaned my kitchen top to bottom. I then proceeded to make a total mess of it by cooking omelettes for five. Anyway, she’s warm, friendly and cheerful (without the dreaded perky) so she’s a good example.

I think Zo is a little more like Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman. Corinna gets up five days a week and bakes, but her first few interactions are companionable and blissful silence until she’s absorbed enough caffeine and breakfast to get going. Zo’s morning usually starts with Feliz (who probably at least fakes being a morning person so she can get the kids off to school). Feliz and Zo know each other well enough by now to gradually ease their way into the day before the rush of people come in demanding muffins. It’s a dynamic that works.

Me, I need to figure out a new dynamic. I have the getting out of bed and making coffee part down. Next, I need to incorporate getting dressed in business clothes (I have been buying suits like mad) and putting on makeup, then walking in dress shoes to the the bus that gets me to the train station. From there, it’s finding a seat on a busy train, and then I’m not sure.

I have a meditation podcast I will probably listen to, plus there’s WNYC on my iPod. I will, of course, have my Kindle. I am trying to rationalize a tablet so I can work on Bloody Murder books, but tablets at this time are not really conducive to writing. attach a keyboard and you might as well have a laptop, only lighter, slower and with a lot less formatting options.

I may end up having to haul a laptop back and forth every day. If I do, there will be ample time to make copious notes and revisions and corrections. I also want to spend more time studying for the PMP. I got my completion certificate this week, but I am not doing as well as I’d like on the practice tests, so more studying it is.


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  1. noellynnefigart

    Women who commute don’t wear tennis shoes during the commute and change into dress shoes in the office any more? (It’s been 20 years since I did the commute thing and that was to Washington DC)

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