It’s not about men’s rights, I promise

When a friend I’ve known for mumble years started a weekly magazine call the Man’ority Report, I immediately gave him a lot of grief. Mark and I have known each other more than half our lives and he’s never been what I would consider a sexist pig, which is what was immediately triggered in my brain.

But it’s not, it’s about tech, entrepreneurship, cars, politics and it’s run by a great bunch of guys. I was invited to be a guest this week to talk about my experiences as an independent writer and publisher.

I had a blast. The host, Christian Reyes, guided the discussion well, allowing me to touch on several topics–how I write, what got me started, Kindle Select vs Smashwords, how ebooks are changing the industry. ย I hope you’ll give it a look.

Meanwile, edits on Snow Job are progressing. I don’t have a publication date decided just yet. Nor have I decided on distribution. While Post Parcel has been accepted into the Smashwords premium catalog, it hasn’t been distributed yet to B&N, Baker & Taylor, iTunes or GooglePlay. I was hoping this part of the process would be quicker.

Also, B&N is offering a full-fledged self-publishing one-stop creative space. This is worth investigating, though I am very fond of my current novel-writing software.

The industry continues to evolve. It’s an exciting thing to be a part of.


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