First off, I want to thank everyone that

First off, I want to thank everyone that tuned in or visited the Man’ority Report last week. If you follow the link, you’ll be taken right to the YouTube recording of our hangout. T hey’re a great bunch of guys, and I am also proud to say I was their first female guest.

Feedback from friends, family and complete strangers often spurs my productivity when it comes to writing, and the day after the show, I got quite a bit done. Snow Job is still in the revision stage, where it will be for a while.

My available time has suddenly become more precious because I have so little of it during the week. Sundays tend to be when I do a lot of writing and editing work. Especially if I can find a crime show marathon. I just love the background even if I’m only paying it one quarter of my attention. Some writers have certain music they like, some like their peace and quiet, others like the bustling atmosphere of a good cafe. I’d go visit my local cafe (which goes by the amusing name of Oo La La), but I’m more in the mood for quiet today.

Also this weekend, I need to do some plotting of another sort. The D&D game is proceeding well. Only two player characters have died. Coming up is an adventure in a deep untamed forest. People in this world are generally suspicious of untamed woods–they farm trees.

I’m going to give them reasons. To set the mood for working on the campaign, I will immerse myself in some HP Lovecraft. This will also help with the Bloody Murder books when it comes to dealing with fear and suspense.

I can’t wait.


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April 27, 2013 · 12:04 pm

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