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Food in the name of research

Yesterday, I got together with a friend from college that I don’t see nearly often enough. Since I live in the wilds of Connecticut and she’s on Lawn Gisland, driving is a bit of a pain and involves tolls. It may also involve trolls, but if there are any under the Throgg’s Neck, they’re quiescent.

So we tend to meet in NYC and a good percentage of the time, it’s raining. I thought it might be fun to do a High Tea (and this is needful for research purposes, you’ll find out in a future book). After perusing the best-rated spots in Manhattan, I settled on Lady Mendl’s a few blocks from Union Square.

I arrived more than thirty minutes early and wandered up and down Irving Place for a bit. I found a lovely cheese shop, stopped myself from buying $30 worth of smoked tuna (I adore smoked fish), and went back to hanging about outside the Inn at Irving, which is really easy to walk past. It’s a somewhat typical NYC brownstone on the outside.

Then the clown cars started arriving. Okay, I exaggerate to make my point, but several cars unloaded a lot of women and children dressed in pastels carrying packages of baby things.Β 

I called Liz and suggested a change of venue. We ended up at Pete’s Tavern, which was a wonderful experience. If Zo finds herself in New York, I think she will need to go there.

Meanwhile, I do have some afternoon tea scheduled for my upcoming trip to New Orleans at the end of September.

Ah, the things I do in the name of research . . .Β 


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