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Back after a bit of a break and about to take another

My days of being a dungeon master are temporarily on hold. I managed to kill most of the party with a group of bugbears (don’t worry if you don’t know what a bugbear is, Zo isn’t likely to run into one). The day job has been enormously busy, and without having to do game prep, I’ve been enjoying doing a whole lot of nothing while I have down time and I’m waiting for Snow Job to come back from editor #2. I don’t have a publication date yet, but watch this space or the Bloody Murder G+ page and you might get an exclusive notification.

One of the nice things about my early morning work schedule is I now tend to wake up grossly early on Sundays. Early on Sundays means several episodes of Law & Order which is one of my first choices for a writing background, though certainly not for legal research. I’m working on another manuscript which has been in progress the better part of a year. It’s less than halfway through, but I’m very pleased with it so far.

A lot of writers have music in the background. Carrie Vaughn provides a soundtrack in her Kitty Norville books, which I find enjoyable and informative–I’m not exactly up on current music. I’ve always gone for crime shows. Law & Order, Inspector Lewis, Criminal Minds, Cold Case. the Hallmark channel occasionally blesses me with a Perry Mason rerun. Every once in a while, there’s a noir detective movie on as well. I need to enjoy these mornings while I can because Nexx will be claiming the TV in the name of football on Sundays very shortly. Baseball, I love (Go Red Sox!). Football? I find it hard to care about, but I have been known to watch the occasional Saints game.Β 

If my darling Nexx wasn’t out of town with our suitcase, I would be currently throwing clothing at it in anticipation of my trip to New Orleans on the 25th. I’ll be there for five days with my best girlfriend and we’ll be doing things like the jazz brunch at the Court of Two Sisters, visiting the Trashy Diva, prowling art galleries and drinking daiquiris in colors not found in nature. I think I may also have to introduce her to the Hurricane. I also would like to do some interviewing of people in the French Quarter and just generally soak up atmosphere and take pictures of buildings, ironwork and street artists. I’m quite excited, even if my flight out is at 6 a.m.

So things are brewing like a good beer. Stay tuned!



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