Home again, for now

I took a quick trip to the Big Easy the last few days of September. Partly to simply soak up atmosphere, partly to see friends and partly to just enjoy myself. I spent a lot more time uptown than I have in the past and I think I’ll be able to delivery a richer experience in future books because of it.

Should you make the trip, I have a few recommendations. First off, the National WW2 Museum, which is on Magazine Street in the Central Business District. Should you go, I strongly suggest you take advantage of their 2-day pass. See the exhibits of the war in Europe one day, and the war in the Pacific another. My friend (hi Gina!) and I were there for over five hours and by the end of it, we were, for lack of a better word, shell-shocked. Besides films and artifacts, there was a metric ton of personal accounts in listening rooms all over the place. We retired to John Besh’s restaurant, The American Sector where I had a drink called the Last Waltz. It was quite delicious and the crab salad and Italian cheese fries were wonderful.

I go on kicks when it comes to food and drink. Lately, I’ve been enjoying Bloody Marys. I think this started when another friend (Hi Liz!) and I went to brunch at Pete’s Tavern in New York City. So, I had one at several locations. The best traditional one was at the Court of Two Sisters, though the one at Pat O’Brien’s came a close second (that was the first place we went, Gina needed to try a Hurricane). A rather nice addition to the concept of the Bloody Mary, which came from the Club Car on Camp Street is bacon-infused vodka. 

We walked a lot. Last time I was in the French Quarter, the address where I have placed Bloody Murder was a very small convenience store. This time, it’s a merchant who sells trendy workout wear. 

There was also a lot of shopping, I have a few of the pictures up on Facebook (friend me! Just let me know how you found my name). One of the current trends is the Water Meter Cover. I bought a pendant, Gina bought earrings and I tried to convince Lindy (my N’Awlins authenticity monitor) to buy one in stone to use in her garden. maybe next time.

Lindy took us on a drive through the Garden District, which I especially appreciated because book 4 takes place partly in that neighborhood. The homes are just beautiful. There was also a trip for muffaletta at a small place called Mahony’s, a place I would not have known to look for

I was very happy to see a lot less shuttered and boarded buildings in the city. Even as we wrapped up the off-season, there were plenty of people, and as we left on Monday the 30th, the Saints were in town and people were starting to tailgate outside the Superdome. It was nine-forty-five in the morning.

I love that town.


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  1. Can’t wait to go myself – just another week and a half! [My proofreader self suggests you review the last sentence in the first paragraph.]

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