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I’d like to thank . . . you know who you are

I have, on occasion, borrowed the name of a real person, and the character I make with the name has absolutely no relation to what the person is or does.

Y’all are welcome to out yourselves, but even if you don’t, I’d like to thank the people who have donated their names for what I consider a good cause.

The characters include a performer, a judge, and a bookie, so far.

Someone asked me last week if I had a title for my books before I started writing them or if I gave them a working title and finalized it later on. With me, I will make notes until a title and the first line occur to me. Then things seem to fall together. Once I decided that the name of Zo’s bookstore was Bloody Murder, much of the story was on a mental road map. A friend who is my Official New Orleans Authenticity Monitor gave me the title for Post Parcel, Snow Job suggested itself.

The title of #4 will be revealed a little later. Thanks for staying with me.


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Hello, everyone and welcome to 2014!

First and foremost, thank you all for your patience in waiting for Snow Job. Some things happened with editor #2, so it’s on hold at the moment, but she’ll be back in track soon. As soon as I have a publication date, you’ll know.

Meanwhile, this month, I will get Bloody Murder up on Smashwords. Christine Rice did a fabulous job with the very particular Smashwords formatting, and it’s just a question of time to upload, this means a few more outlets–like iTunes!

Back in December, I had a rare treat. I got to see a friend for the first time in over twenty years. We met when I was finishing my last year at Hofstra and we worked for (wait for it) the same bookstore. We hit it off instantly and spent many a night over rich Italian food with plans to save the world. Or drinking too much and being damn silly. I think bowling was involved one night.

Anyway, she’s also the woman I partially based Feliz on. When we got together we not only had a great time catching up, it felt like no time had passed. A few weeks later, she started reading Bloody Murder and not only did she love the book, she congratulated me in such a touching fashion it brought tears to my eyes.

I do unabashedly borrow bits of appearance or character traits from people, both friends and stranger. The sum-total of a character is typically a composite wrapped up in my imagination. Bloody Murder #4 will introduce a new character who is, with permission, based on a real person, but to be honest, I’m not sure if you’re going to believe me.

Michael, believe it or not, is purely from my imagination. His looks are based on an actor I enjoyed watching at the time I was putting the original draft together. I had found myself wondering who I’d like to play him in a movie (hey, I can dream). I get a lot of assumption that he is based on my boyfriend, who happens to be tall, handsome and Asian. Japanese to be specific, I wrote Bloody Murder three years before I met Nexx (his favorite online alias) in person, though we were acquainted online before that. I didn’t lay eyes on him until 2005, but that’s a story for another day.

There’s a fair amount of me in Zofia, I’ll never deny that. Like a lot of female authors, I get accused of pulling a Mary Sue. This rarely happens to men, I’ve noticed, though author (and dear friend) JD Rhoades did point out on his blog that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is an excellent example of a male author doing just that.

I also borrow names, heavily. I think my next post will acknowledge some of those fine people. Cheers!

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