Making Ingredients

No, I didn’t accidentally put a post from my food blog here, but today’s post ties them together a bit.

One of the things I have in common with Zo is a love of cooking. I got mine from watching a lot of people, including my father (who occasionally permitted me to stir things), my Nana, and various people on TV. I really had a hard time understanding Julia Child through her accent. I know I’m not the only one, otherwise a very popular Muppet never would have been born.

I’ve been told that the reason I could be considered more a chef than a cook is that I occasionally make ingredients. Rosemary-spiced olive oil, preserved lemons. A month or so ago, I candied lemon peel, which is not something I picture Zo doing. The bookstore and her social life keep her pretty busy and she’s a lot more likely to throw things in a slo cooker at seven a.m. I only see seven a.m. because I try to be at work around 8:30 and my commute is a bit long.

If you look at writing, there is a lot in common with cooking. You have your concepts like “I’m going to make. Fancy French Dinner” or “I’m going to write a mystery where the sleuth owns a bookstore.” You often have a recipe, or in the writer’s case, an out qline or a timeline. Characters would be protein, the the events in their lives the cooking process, and the supporting characters the smaller side dishes. The theme of the meal and its presentation the setting.

Having discovered the WordPress app, you might see more posts as i ponder things while riding on the train.


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