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I just rendered my last post moot

When I revise and edit. I make a list of items I want to go look at when I review the manuscript next. Things I want to take a little more thought than just changing a word or two. For example, I just realized white wine would go with one of Zo’s dinners instead of red. Anyway, I hadn’t taken a look at the list until yesterday afternoon.


I love Snow Job. I had a great time writing it and I’m having a great (if exhausting) time revising. 

And I’m not ready to publish yet. I was really hoping for Labor Day weekend, but I can’t promise that. One of the nicer things about indie publishing is I get to decide when as well as where (which is everywhere I can. I’m not going to do the laser then shotgun approach that I did with Post Parcel). I think I’ll be ready after this revision. Those final finishing touches, like the dusting of cocoa over a favorite dessert. Not enough to be over the top, but the shine after a good polish.

Thank you for your patience. 



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Amazon sent me a letter

And everyone who publishes via Kindle Direct got the same one, I’m sure. The letter asked me to write to Hatchette and plead Amazon’s case. If ebooks are priced lower, they say, they will sell more of them, and everyone makes more money, right?

Um . . .

It doesn’t work quite that way. There have been several responses to this all over the Web, but John Scalzi said it best in his blog last month:


Amazon’s math of “you will sell 1.74 times as many books at $9.99 than at $14.99″ is also suspect, because it appears to come with the ground assumption that books are interchangable units of entertainment, each equally as salable as the next, and that pricing is the only thing consumers react to. They’re not, and it’s not. Someone who wants the latest John Ringo novel on the day of release will not likely find the latest Jodi Picoult book a satisfactory replacement, or vice versa; likewise, someone who wants a eBook now may be perfectly happy to pay $14.99 to get it now, in which case the publisher and author should be able to charge what the market will bear, and adjust the prices down (or up! But most likely down) [emphasis mine KK] as demand moves about.


So I find myself seriously thinking of delaying publishing to Amazon until this whole Hatchette mess is resolved.  Not that Amazon is going to miss my small contribution to their bottom line, but as a reader. There are fine authors such as Lilith Saintcrow and Gail Carriger with new books I can’t pre-order while this mess continues.

I make more sales via Amazon, but I actually make a higher royalty at Smashwords. You can get .mobi format at Smashwords, so I’m considering publishing there and then publishing to Amazon when they get their shit together.

This is not a decision to be made lightly. Definitely not a decision to make when I’ve had maybe two hours of sleep.

I think I shall make like Zofia and have a cup of coffee

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