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I just rendered my last post moot

When I revise and edit. I make a list of items I want to go look at when I review the manuscript next. Things I want to take a little more thought than just changing a word or two. For example, I just realized white wine would go with one of Zo’s dinners instead of red. Anyway, I hadn’t taken a look at the list until yesterday afternoon.


I love Snow Job. I had a great time writing it and I’m having a great (if exhausting) time revising. 

And I’m not ready to publish yet. I was really hoping for Labor Day weekend, but I can’t promise that. One of the nicer things about indie publishing is I get to decide when as well as where (which is everywhere I can. I’m not going to do the laser then shotgun approach that I did with Post Parcel). I think I’ll be ready after this revision. Those final finishing touches, like the dusting of cocoa over a favorite dessert. Not enough to be over the top, but the shine after a good polish.

Thank you for your patience. 



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