Well that’s pretty nifty

It’s always exciting to that notification from Amazon or Smashwords that I’ve got a royalty deposit coming into my bank account. I need to give a shoutout to a friend and New York media personality Steve Strangio. I first met Steve during my freshman year at Hoftstra where he was majoring in TV and I was majoring in radio. He walked up to me in the quad and drafted me for one of his assignments. I don’t remember the plot of the show, but it had something to do with Jo-Jo the dog-faced boy. I played the wife of someone named Ira.

Anyway, we reconnected on Facebook and I learned he has a YouTube Channel and when he’s offered the chance, I have been happy to buy ad space on his shows. You can see the Bloody Murder Series promo.

I bring this up, because advertising and marketing makes a big difference when you’re an Indie author. When there are 40 hours a week at a Day Job ™, marketing becomes a challenge because it takes resources that could go to things like food, sleep, and well writing.

But it makes a difference, and something I don’t necessarily get from my Facebook, blogs, or G+ posts is a reach to an international audience.

Amazon just let me know I have royalties coming from England AND Germany. My first reaction was to ping a musician friend of mine who lives in Berlin and he said (with apologies) that no, it wasn’t him.

Pretty damn cool.


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