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We interrupt this edit

Hi everyone. I would love to tell you that editing and revisions for #4 are proceeding apace, but that would be a bit of an exaggeration. A few things happened.

  1. My software had a bit of a fit and I lost several hours of work that needed to be reconstructed. I reconstructed it, and then lost it again. I started using StoryMill a while back and it’s been fine until now. I’ve come to face that while it is great for the creative process, I might have to dump an export into Word and edit there. Considering my copy of Word is from 2008, I’m thinking of moving towards Open Office or another Mac-compatible option. So, slowness.
  2. The other thing is slightly more annoying and not only occupies a lot of my time and energy, but sometimes completely takes over my life and my brain: I was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer at the end of June. I have since had a lumpectomy and will be receiving radiation treatments this fall (Kill it! Kill it with fire!). I am expected to be quite fatigued during treatment. Right now, I have no symptoms, and the surgical recovery is going well. I am on the hunt for the perfect bra.

While I’ve considered writing about my experience with cancer and treatment, I’ve determined it will not become part of the Bloody Murder world. Marie would be a great candidate, and I would like to give her a good subplot in a future novel. Well, another one. She has a bit of one in #5, that becomes a bit of a surprise to her. I’m not going to do that to Feliz. She had enough crap thrown at her in Post Parcel that she deserves a little happiness, and that’s going to come in a fashion that she doesn’t expect.

The editing client will be addressed this weekend. My needs are pretty simple. Fonts for italics, page and section breaks, which you’d think would make it okay to just use a text editor. Unfortunately, I need the ability to save in .doc for my formatter who puts things into Smashwords for me (thank you!), and .html to upload to Amazon’s publisher. I really do not want to have to import and export into multiple formats. I am all for saving a hassle factor.

I plan to investigate Pages, which isn’t terribly expensive, there’s also a Document Writer app. Much of today will be spent reading reviews before I make a decision.

Thank you for sticking with me.

Also, #4 is titled The Ladies Who Lunch. A little bonus for you that read all the way to this point.


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