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Still Writing

Hi everyone,

I was a bit ambitious when I last wrote, thinking I was going to be back to something like normal a lot sooner than later. A lot has happened over the last couple of years. A lot.

I mentioned the breast cancer last entry, which was caught so early I didn’t need chemotherapy, which was a happy thing. The surgery was uncomplicated, I barely have a scar. The radiation, though, about four weeks in (there were seven)I learned what cancer-related fatigue was like.

It comes on suddenly, and doesn’t care what you’re doing, or where you are. Picture a marionette suddenly having its strings cut and flopping to the ground. It was a daily thing for months following radiation and it still bothers me now and again. ┬áDid you know you can have fatigue and insomnia at the same time? I hope it never happens to you.

Right after my surgery, my sweetie started a new job in the city. Six months later we were in an apartment in the Theatre District, across the street from the edge of Hell’s Kitchen. I love it here, even if one of the jumbotrons from Times Square shines into my bedroom window. I loved my commute to Queens, which was 23 minutes door to desk if the elevators cooperated.

At the end of July, Nexx broke his ankle. Actually, shattered. There are a number of plates and screws there now. Two weeks after that happened I was told my job was done as of October 31. There were no new projects that needed my talents. You might say there was a little stress for the next two months. You might also say that the president tweets once in a while.

Nexx started a new job, I went nuts trying to find a new one. That finally happened in January, and things there are going well. I have a great boss and the job is a good match for my skills.

My editors, of course, have lives, and those lives can get complicated. Of that I will say no more. I have happily found a new talent in that area (Hi Allison!), and I have just finished with the 2nd round of edits of The Ladies Who Lunch. I don’t have a publication date as yet. I want another round of revisions and another edit, and I still need a cover photo.

But things have settled down somewhat, which is nice. It felt good to get back in the editing groove. There will be more Bloody Murder soon!.


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