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It was an ambitious morning. I got up at 7:30 or so, had a lovely cup of Tanzanian peaberry coffee laced with Kahlua and Faretti (Faretti tastes like biscotti. Italian cookies without all those annoying crumbs), and sat down to look at the latest revisions from the editor in Missouri.

I thought I could get the last fifteen chapters done today. Ah, no. I keep forgetting that editing, in some ways, is more challenging than writing. It’s not just a question of analyzing the edits and accepting all the changes, it’s a chance to revise, expand, describe, make connections between the sentence fragments Zo sometimes things in.

It’s exhausting. It’s a good kind of exhaustion, it’s certainly been a productive day, but it appears 5.5 hours of it (this does not include the break for pancakes) is enough to turn my brain to tapioca pudding.

So, I’m taking a break with some Red Sox baseball and came her to WordPress with a very special announcement:

All the edits for Snow Job are back. I will be announcing a publication date by the 2nd of August.

One of the nice things about indie publishing is you can go pretty quickly from final manuscript to the market. There will be another revision, then there’s formatting, and then the actual publishing. I’ll be looking for reviewers–ideally other authors, or perhaps some people with review blogs. Busy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, in other words.

I’m thinking I need a logo . . .


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Now that I have your attention, hello!

I just put a review up on Goodreads about an urban fantasy book, and then, like I often do, started poking around for ideas of new things to read. Cherie Priest has another series (I’m currently on #4 of the Clockwork Century series, fun stuff). This second series involves a vampire cat burglar. I may pick it up, I’m not sure.

My reading is split between sf/fantasy, mystery/thriller with a generous sprinkling of spy vs. spy (or spy vs. his or her own government, a popular theme). Most recently, I read a book that was labeled Urban Fantasy (modern times, magic exists as do supernatural creatures. The most popular of these are, of course, vampires and werewolves.  It had a little too much sex for my taste. When reading a review about the aforementioned Cherie Priest book, one reviewer said it was bad because it didn’t have any hawt, smutty, sex.

The characters in the Bloody Murder books have sex, but I like to think it enhances relationships and isn’t completely gratuitous. To me, it’s a natural part of human existence and the circumstances can vary as much as the participants. As long as everyone’s consenting.  I don’t write romance, but romance is often an important part of someone’s life. Witness James or Marie, who regularly commit serial relationships. Zo hasn’t had as much practice, but considering how important Michael has become to her, it’s now a big part of her life.

Will there be more? Probably? Though one of the reviews I read of Post Parcel reads, in part,

Kate’s sex scene writing is really first rate — no heaving bosoms and sweaty descriptions — more is conveyed by letting the reader fill things in.

Tamara, thank you. I really appreciate the compliment. When I’m writing sex, I’m going for stimulating the senses much more than the organs. Erotica vs. porn, if you will.

Though isn’t the biggest sex organ in the body the brain?

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biting the hand that feeds you

My dear friend Opal, aka the Akamai Reader showed me a page that I’m really glad I read. I’m not familiar with Parajunkee, since the Bloody Murder books contain no paranormal elements (though I do plan to spend some time at the New Orleans Voodoo Museum on my next trip to the Big Easy so you never know!). Still, it’s a good read and I think any author or reviewer can take this post .

Scroll down a bit. Look at a couple tweets, preserved for all eternity, even though they’ve been deleted from the Twitterverse.

Really, Tiffany Reisz? Really?

I haven’t been in the indie business that long, but I’ve submitted enough books for review that I think I can fairly say I have sufficient sample size. Reviewers are readers first. Readers. People who love nothing more than curling up with the written word. How do you dis someone like that? Authors, especially us indies, need reviewers like gin needs tonic (and lime, gotta have lime). They get the word out, they highlight the good. Yes, they also point out the bad, but is that so awful?

One of my reviewers on Amazon said Bloody Murder was the very definition of a cozy mystery. Now if I were a fan of hard-boiled stories like thos of the late Raymond Chandler, or  liked my action seriously gritty and violent like James Lee Burke, I would know to turn away and look elsewhere. It’s an issue of preference, not quality.

When someone points out a flaw, I tend to have one or two of three reactions:

  • I meant to do that. Moving along now.
  • Oh shit . . .
  • I can make it better/more clear in the next book.

Usually it’s the latter two.

With those two comments, Reisz has shot herself in the foot. What reviewer is going to touch her new books now? I can’t see anyone but her loyal fans doing so now. Who wants to be called DumbCunt?

And if a reviewer is a failed author, so the hell what? If they don’t feel they can write, or someone they respect has told them they can’t write, what’s wrong with them making a contribution to the book world in the form of a review. Hell, a failed writer knows just how hard it is to put a story together.

Still just because all poodles are dogs, doesn’t mean all dogs are poodles. Reviewers come in as many flavors as authors do.

and we need each other.

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Post Parcel cover!

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Announcing Post Parcel

“That would explain the lack of packing slip.”

Happy Sunday everyone! I am proud to announce that the second of the Bloody Murder series, Post Parcel will be available on Amazon for Kindle on August 31.

It’s been nearly five months since Zofia Smith tripped over a body in her New Orleans bookstore. The killer got away, but Zofia is sure she’s out of danger. Life was back to its normal routine, until a U.P.S. delivery contained not only an item Bloody Murder never ordered, but something with a strong tie to Feliz’s family. The delivery is followed by a visitor from one of Feliz’s in-laws, someone she’d hoped never to see again. As the mystery gets more complicated, Feliz and Zofia find their partnership and their friendship challenged as Zofia’s curiosity won’t let her not pursue the truth.

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August 5, 2012 · 2:18 pm

Just call me Hamlet

I’m dithering, I admit it.  I think I’m done with the next Bloody Murder mystery and I find myself as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs (if you’re reading this out loud, make sure you do that last part with a Southern accent).

I’ll be announcing the title and the publication date on 7/29. Stay tuned!

Where the dithering comes  in is a lot of internal pressure. This is my second published work and all kinds of questions fill my brain, but the biggest one is:

“What if it’s not as good as the first one?”

Bloody Murder has a five-star rating on Amazon, and I promise you I didn’t ask a single friend to write a review.  I am proud of my work and very grateful to anyone who took the time to write a review. Reviews are not easy to write. You want to say what’s good, but you don’t want to give away the really nifty stuff. If you hated it, was it simply not to your taste? Or perhaps the subject matter wasn’t your cuppa? Or was it so technically bad, as Dorothy Parker put it, “this is not a book to be set aside lightly,it should be thrown with great force.”

Anyway, since people have liked my work, I want to especially give  those readers something special. I want them to want to continue following Zofia’s adventures without getting bored or having me suspend their disbelief too much.For example, with Borders out of business, and Amazon being so prevalent I have had people ask me how I can rationalize an independent bookstore breaking even in the twenty-first century economy. I’ll save that for another entry, because there are a host of reasons, and I have a surprise coming in book 4 that will also help.

And now I’ve been dithering about dithering. The book is almost ready to go.  It’s been professionally edited (and if you need a book edited for an affordable price, ping me and I will introduce you to Kimberly), and tweaked to within an inch of its life. But I’ve been putting off the date because I’m afraid of disappointing my readers especially because the size of the novel. It’s considerably shorter than Bloody Murder  (and  will be priced accordingly).

I never realized the tremendous pressure involved here before. Is it good enough for the people who’ve taken the time to read the first one? I owe them. I earned some cash on that first novel (and promptly spent it on novel-writing software). It’s a little awe-inspiring, even if I’m not selling like James Patterson’s books do.

Taking this to my cohorts at the Indie Exchange, I got some excellent advice: When it’s done, it’s done. After letting that stew in my brain for a bit, last night, I finally decided to pick a date to announce the title at the publication date. I’m hoping to generate a little anticipation.

I also realized that while size matters in some cases (I liked the expanded version of Stephen King’s The Stand better than the original, for example), being an indie author and publisher I am not locked into a contract that says, “you must produce X novels at 100K words between now and 2020.” There’s a certain freedom in that. A dear friend of mine, and a fabulous writer, JD Rhoades, has put up shorter works and they’ve gotten some great response.

So I think I’m done with dithering, at least for right now. My current Project Management class wraps up in two weeks, which gives me time to find a cover design, do any last-minute edits and decide on the shotgun vs laser publishing approach.

Thank you for reading and staying with me. Knowing there are people out there waiting for the next novel makes me ready to take on the third one.


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Winner winner chicken dinner

Paging Lizzibabe! Paging Lizzibabe! You are the final winner in the February Bloody Murder giveaway!

For those that have already been listed as winners: Please email with the address I should send your ebook.  Thank you all for entering and  I hope you enjoy reading!

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Share the mystery! Get a Free E-Book!

I’m pleased to announce my very first giveaway. During each of the first ten days in February I will be giving away a copy of Bloody Murder to a randomly selected person.

How to enter:

Leave a comment below.

That’s it. Yes, really, that’s it. Okay, I’ll make it a little more interesting. Leave a comment between now and February 5th telling me your favorite mystery book and which format you need  your ebook in–MOBI, EPUB or PDF.

For each of the first ten days in February, I will randomly select one winner. The winners will be posted daily here at bloodymurderbooks. If I select your name (probably by a roll of a many-sided die),  I’ll put a congratulatory post up, asking you to email me, so I can send you your book.

Thank you for entering!

One winner per household please. Void where prohibited and all other relevant legal mumbo-jumbo.  Please note the novel is only available in the formats listed above.


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